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Ritterguts Spezial-Gose

Our SPEZIAL-GOSE is a crossover between Belgian Wit and Leipzig Style Gose.

Brewed with various wheat and barley malts, spiced with bergamot peel from Southern Italy, coriander seed and salt. For this new creation we use a lot more hops – Summit for bittering, Cascade and Aurora for the fresh citrus-like aroma.

Ingredients:  water, wheat malts, barley malt, yeast, hops, coriander, salt, bergamot peel

Style: Sour Wit Gose /  OG:  12.8 °P  /  ABV:  5.2 %  /  IBU:  13

Hopfenzweig: (c) / Thomas Klee (7772844)
Bergamotte: (c) / kaewphoto (B42254389)

Our beers

Original Ritterguts Gose

We still brew this unique beer in the old-fashioned way, using genuine Gose yeast with special ingredients like coriander and salt.

Lichtenhainer Ritterguts Weisse

With this authentic Lichtenhainer Weisse we want to revive the extinct Old Jena sour beer tradition.


Our Bärentöter is a strong crossover between Gose and Bock. 

Ritterguts Spezial-Gose

Our Spezial-Gose is a crossover between Belgian Wit and Leipzig Style Gose.

Urgose Märzen

Our Urgose Märzen is the revival of the old Märzen-Gose tradition, but with new twists