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Our brewery

Here beers are created with love and passion

We brew our beers in close cooperation with Bergt Bräu Reichenbrand, the oldest private brewery in Chemnitz. This brewery has been owned by the Bergt family since 1874 and is now in its fifth generation. Here, the motto is “small but nice” and they are committed to the art of craft brewing and the highest quality.

We chose this brewery because it also meets all the requirements necessary for optimizing our very special brewing process. Brewmaster Michael Bergt brews our Gose according to the traditional brewing process and the original recipe.

Open fermentation

For our Gose we use the classic open fermentation. This old brewing method has become increasingly rare in the course of the industrialization of beer production in the last century. The advantages of fermentation in open, large vats compared to industrial tanks are a slower, natural ripening process as well as the skimming off of the bitter foam with the undesirable flavors on the surface of the fermenting beer. This allows our yeast to develop its flavors particularly well and cleanly.

No thermal treatment and filtration

Our beers are not pasteurized, i.e. they are not heated to high temperatures during bottling in order to make them last longer. This protects the taste of the beer in particular, but also the environment. Due to the high content of natural lactic acid, our Gose is stable even without thermal treatment. In addition, our beers are also not filtered, which preserves the valuable ingredients of the yeast – you can taste that.

High quality regional raw materials

We select our raw materials very carefully and use only the best quality. We obtain our brewing malts from the malting plants Weyermann in Bamberg and IREKS in Kulmbach. Our hops come from local cultivation from the hop farm Christian Berthold in the neighboring Altenburger Land. The special ingredients – such as the spices used – we buy from regional traders or, if possible, directly from the producer. For the fermentation and acidification of our Gose we use our own in-house cultures. And the brewing water comes from the brewery’s deep well.

By a stroke of luck, we came into possession of a whole box of these beautiful, old Ritterguts Gose bottles (so-called “Stöpselgose”) with original preserved contents from the pre-war period before the beginning of the 2000s. Thanks to professional support, we managed to isolate the old yeasts and lactic acid cultures from them after all this time.

Craft brewed quality

Our Gose is produced according to traditional craft brewing art using the best raw materials, because it is our main concern to always keep an excellent and stable quality. This is also possible because we have exclusively large maturation tanks at our disposal at the Reichenbrand brewery. Thus, our beers have enough time to mature in the cold cellars of the brewery before they are filled into barrels and bottles.

Cheers: Goseanna!


Learn more about Gose

Gose history

Legend has it that Gose was first mentioned by the German Emperor Otto III (983-1002) who praised its flavor in his palatinate of Goslar.

Distribution and bars

If you are interested in our beer, we like to refer you to one of our international partners or bars in germany.