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New brewing facility for our Ritterguts Gose

Der Reichenbrander Braumeister Michael Bergt mit Gosemacher Tilo Jänichen

Since the beginning of 2015, we have been brewing our Ritterguts Gose at the Bergt brewery in Reichenbrand – a fifth-generation family brewery. There, we have found optimal conditions for the production of our Gose, including the now very rare open fermentation.

In addition to a high quality standard, we also have the opportunity here to develop new beers, which are particularly important in the developing export business. In the storage cellar, we have exclusive use of three of our own maturation tanks, in which our Gose can mature at cold temperatures for many weeks before being drawn into barrels and bottles.

Photo: Reichenbrand master brewer Michael Bergt with gose maker Tilo Jänichen