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Etikett Ritterguts Gose


Original Ritterguts Gose

RITTERGUTS GOSE is the oldest existing, most authentic Gose in the world. We still brew this unique beer in the old-fashioned, original way, using genuine Gose yeast, coriander and salt.

Etikett Bärentöter


Bärentöter Sour Gose-Bock

Our BÄRENTÖTER is a strong crossover between Gose and Bock. This harmoniously complex beer is produced using an opulent mixture of six special malts with additions of coriander, orange peel salt, and a touch of cinnamon.

Etikett Urgose Märzen


Urgose Märzen

Our URGOSE is the revival of the old Märzen-Gose tradition, but with new twists: to the traditional barley, wheat and oat malts and coriander we add Swiss Stone Pine cones, fine Ceylon Cinnamon, and smoked salt from the thousand-year-old Halle saltworks.

Etikett Spezial-Gose

Sour Wit Gose

Ritterguts Spezial-Gose

Our RITTERGUTS SPEZIAL-GOSE is a crossover between Belgian Wit and Leipzig Style Gose. Brewed with various wheat and barley malts, spiced with bergamot peel from Italy, coriander seed and salt.